Len Hobbs Leg d’Hon

It is with great sadness that we hear of the passing of Len Hobbs Leg d’Hon, veteran of the Normandy Campaign. Len joined the Royal Navy and trained as a radar operator during the war. He served on HMS Fernie, one of the ships forming the ‘ring of steel’ in the Channel to protect the landing armada. Len never forgot those who took part in the landings and subsequent battle for Normandy and often spoke of those who never even made it ashore, as well as those who perished in the battle. Len frequently returned to Normandy and was a keen supporter of the Normandy Veterans Association and. latterly, of the Spirit of Normandy Trust. Len has served faithfully and may now rest in peace. Our condolences go to his friends and family, who we know will miss him greatly.

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  1. Dear Len,

    You were a wonderful friend, and still are.

    We already miss the stories of the WW2 Normandy landings, all those years ago, and the
    tales that you had to tell. Many of those were horrific and personal, to say the least, but you were always keen to move forward with your sense of fun and your your smile.

    In recent years, you donated your time and considerable energy to the local branch of the Normandy Veterans Association, in Southend, and thereafter to The Spirit of Normandy Trust. You served both with great effervescence, yet compassion, always mindful of those, who never came back.

    In the summer of 2016. with my soon to be wife, Maria, you and your colleagues welcomed us with amazing warmth at the Southend Branch meeting of the NVA, just a few weeks before our wedding. You were overflowing with good wishes before our big day, something that we have never forgotten.

    Rest in peace our dear friend. Our love and best wishes to all your family, and all those to that you represented over so many years.

    We salute you in every respect and may God bless you.

    Maria and Michael Horton

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