The Trust has traditionally raised funds with the direct assistance of the Normandy Veterans Association Branches who have organised street collections in their own districts. However this source of funding has certainly diminished as the years have passed, and the veterans have been less able to help.

Company and individual donations including personal bequests have, in the past, enabled the Trust to fund many important landmark events such as The Normandy Experience in the Land Warfare Hall at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford and at the same site the Trust donated funds toward the restoration of the original briefing models installed in the Airborne Assault Exhibit in the Airspace building.

We will be holding various Fund Raising event throughout the year to enable us to continue our work.¬†Individuals or organisations wishing to raise funds to achieve the aims of The Spirit of Normandy Trust are obliged to seek the permission and guidance of the Trust before any use is made of the registered name. Contact can be made through the website by clicking on the “contact us” button.

Donations to the Spirit of Normandy Trust may be made clicking on the graphic to the left of our banner above and will be used to fund the work of the Trust.

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