One of the objectives of the Trust is to provide financial assistance for veterans of the three Services and their dependents who are in need. The Trust has become the “charity arm” of the Normandy Veterans Association, primarily for assistance to WWII veterans especially those who served in Normandy.

In addition to the landmark projects mentioned the Trust has the on going commitment to consider requests for assistance for the welfare of individual veterans and their dependents. These requests are directed to the Trust through the offices of SSAFA Forces Help. With teams of trained field workers throughout the country SSAFA can supply the Trustees with an assessment of the veteran’s case that is essential when a welfare decision has to be made by the Trust. A range of life improving equipment such as stair lifts, motorised scooters, electric wheelchairs, walk-in-showers etc. has been partly or completely funded by the Trust. As veterans age more of these requests are likely.

The ability to help fund a better quality of life for those injured in the fight for freedom and peace is a fundamental way of a country expressing its gratitude.

Requests for assistance

Such requests should be channelled through SSAFA Forces Help which can be contacted at;

SSAFA Forces Help,
4 St Dunstan’s Hill,
Tel: 0800 731 4880

Information on local branches and how to proceed is available at

In turn SSAFA will assess the individual case and channel the details to the appropriate charity like The Spirit of Normandy Trust

There is also a website here which contains information about Housing and Financial Help for Veterans and further links to charities and organisations who can support veterans through mental health, debt relief and other helpful websites.