We had an excellent number of entries into the Young Historian Competition in 2021!

Senior Category & KS3 Category

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield, entered the 2021 YHP awards for the first time this year and amazingly “swept the board”. The school was awarded the schools prizes of £150 in 2 categories, as their pupils, Arthur pictured on the left, was the winner of Senior prize and James on the right was the winner in the Key Stage 3 category. Both received personal cash prizes for £100. James wrote a piece titled, ‘Were the Normandy landings a success?’. Arthur’s entry on the subject, ‘The Chindits in Burma – The Forgotten War’ was considered “exemplary”, therefore it was agreed by the judges and the Trustees that he should also receive the General Martin prize of £100.

The glass trophy for the school marking the achievement was kindly given by Award Productions Ltd.

You can read Arthur’s work here: Arthur
You can ready James’s work here: James

The Senior Runner Up was Nicolas Landin from Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe. He wrote a piece on ‘Why did Operation Market Garden Fail’ and you can read it here: Nicholas

Primary Category

Sherwood Primary School in Mitcham, Surrey were the winners in the Primary Category, the school received the prize of £150 and the group £100. Some of the pupils involved in the project and their teacher are feature in the photographs.

Personal Entries

Harrison -a pupil at Oakhill School Whalley, Lancashire submitted a personal entry in the Key Stage 3 category and was awarded a Commended certificate. It is appreciated that pupils submitting private entries do the research and complete the submission in their free time, which is certainly to be “Commended”.

The Overseas Prize of £100 was awarded to Anoushka who lives in New Dehli, there were other overseas entries from India and Canada – all were submitted personally online. Anoushka wrote an essay titled, ‘The Middle Eastern Campaign May-September 1941
and The Persian Corridor 1941-45 – And why this was the most important campaign of the Second World War.

You can read Anoushka’s work here: Anoushka

Every entrant receives recognition of their work, which the judges agree is all now of a very high standard.

From the Isle of Man entries for the Spirit of Normandy Young Historian Awards:
These recommendations are separate from any further judgements within the wider scheme.

Ella won the Primary IOM Hector Duff Award in the 2021 Young Historian Project, her personal winning illustrated project was on the subject of her own Great Grandfathers’ service in WW2.
Ella received a cash prize and is pictured here with Tony & Glynis Duff who presented her with a certificate to mark her achievement.

Ella spoke to her school on Remembrance Day about her award.

The KS3 IOM winners were Elly and Luke from Ramsey Grammar School. Year of the 2020-21 academic year were tasked with a “Tell me” project in which the below two pieces stood out as winners.

Elly’s work can be read here: Elly

Luke’s work can be read here: Luke

Ramsey Grammar School was awarded a Hector Duff Award for their KS3 entries. The school held a celebration assembly for which you can read more about by clicking here!

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