99th Birthday!

On Saturday 4th May, Mary & Ian Stewart were privileged to be invited by the Southend Normandy Veterans Group along with members and other guests, including Trevor Beattie & his brother Pete, to attend the 99th birthday celebration of Don Sheppard Leg.d’hon. It was a most memorable evening shared by his family, many friends and long term supporters of the veterans. After the splendid meal Don presented a cheque for £3000 to the Spirit of Normandy Trust.

Such donations, are very much appreciated, especially in this 75th Anniversary year of the Normandy Campaign during which the Trust has many extra commitments, for events and to help ensure the wellbeing of the veterans; but also to ensure that pledges made can be continued well into the future.

A big THANK YOU to all concerned.

A painting commissioned to mark his 99th birthday by the artist, Patience Williams.

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