Walk from Bristol to Normandy!

Dave from Bristol a MoD Civil Servant is walking from Bristol to Normandy (243 miles) to raise funds and awareness of The Spirit of Normandy Trust. His route will take him on the 30th May from Horfield Army Reserve (ARC) Centre To arrive at Keynsham ARC.

31st Keynsham to Battlesbury Barracks, The Royal Dragoon Guards (Warminster)

01 June Royal Dragoon Guards to Royal Wessex Yeomanry, (Salisbury)

02 June Salisbury to Blighmount (Southampton) ARC. 106 Yeomanry Regt RA & 25 Coy 2MI

03 June Southampton ARC to 103 Bn REME Portsmouth

Night of 4th June, Night Ferry Crossing Arrive Caen 05 June to Pegasus Bridge Then on to the British Normandy Memorial over the next couple of days, to arrive June 6th D-day.” Whilst in Normandy he plans to meet up with the Veterans and present them with a cheque for his fund raising efforts.

Thank you for your efforts and good luck. You can sponsor him via this fundraising page – https://www.justgiving.com/page/david-westall-1702980868925

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