Production Company looking to interview veterans…

North One TV, a UK TV production company are producing a TV show for the 75th anniversary next summer. They are looking to source veterans; to take part in the production; who entered Normandy on a Landing Craft on D-Day. It would consist of a brief interview at home or a nearby location with their professional crew that have previously worked with the RAF on a Spitfire production as well as Formula 1 and many other specialist factual programmes. If you can help in any way then please feel free to email

A Street Near You

There is a site called a Street Near You

A group have put in an enormous amount of work entering the details of service personnel who were killed in WW1. It includes their names, age rank date of death, address and family details. Also asking anyone to add information on the families or the men.
To find any area in the UK just put a postcode in the search box.

D Day Story Visit…

Four veterans were hosted by the 1710 Naval Air Squadron at the D Day Museum on Wednesday 7th November. Each veteran spent time going around the museum with a group of personnel from the Squadron sharing their stories and experiences of the Normandy Campaign. They then spent time in the coffee shop chatting with their hosts. The group then moved to a conference room where our Chairman, Richard Paulinski, presented the facts about the Spirit of Normandy Trust, our aims and how we seek to support veterans and perpetuate the memory of Normandy.

Veterans attending were Bob Gale, Arthur Bailey, Wally Beall and Allan Gullis.