We had an excellent number of entries into the Young Historian Competition.

Senior Category

The Senior Winner for the Young Historian Competition is Molly Cook from Bryntirion School, Bridgend. You can read Molly Cook’s work here.

How did the Second World War Impact the Welsh Nation?

KS3 Category

The KS3 Winner is Aarav Garg from Delhi Public School, Faridabad. Aarav interviewed WW2 Veteran, Captain Rattan Dyal Singh from Haryana, India. Aarav wanted to share the account with his readers as it left a profound impression on him. You can read Aarav’s work here.

Meeting a WW2 Veteran

The General Martin Prize was won jointly by sister Ananya Sharma (Senior Category) and her sister Diya (Key Stage 3 Category) from Putney High School. Both girls are very enthusiastic historians, and this entry idea, grew out of a socially distanced VE day street party earlier this year. Two lovely ladies live on their street and they spoke to them about their experiences during the War. To capture these fascinating memoirs, the girls decided to interview them, and an edited version of the interview forms an integral part of both girls entries. They worked jointly on the interview questions and editing the movie.

Click here to watch the interview

You can read Ananya’s work by clicking here. Ananya – Young Historian Entry

You can read Diya’s work by clicking here. Diya- Young Historian Entry

Primary Category

The Primary Category joint winners were Hursthead Junior School and Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School (both from Stockport).

Special Commendation

Canterbury Primary School Keyworkers children’s class received a special commendation. We have all been impressed by their work because it was a mixed ability and mixed age group. You can view their work below.
CPS Dambusters
Dambusters by Niusha
Dambusters by Rosa
Dambusters by William

St Mary’s School of Axminister received special commendation for their class project. You can view the work below.
Class Project

From the Isle of Man entries for the Spirit of Normandy Young Historian Awards:
These recommendations are separate from any further judgements within the wider scheme.

The IOM Hector Duff Prize went to Lola Tebay from Ramsey Grammar School for a well-phrased outline commentary on the Second World War, together with an interesting introduction to the origins of the Spitfire aircraft. You can read Lola’s work here: Lola- Young Historian Entry

Runner up was Rebecca Foster from Ballakermeen High School, Douglas – for an elegantly phrased assessment of the Battle of Britain. You can read Rebecca’s piece here. Rebecca- Young Historian Entry