My Land of Hope and Glory

My heart misses thee,
My beloved Land of Hope and Glory.
Thinking of the glorious days
Of Europe invasion,
I see in my dreams
Your airfields
Where the US boys practiced
Day after day
For jumps from gliders;
Their mission:
Preventing German reinforcements
From reaching the coast
And cutting the road to Cherbourg …
I am also dreaming of the powerful Armada
Ready to cross the Channel,
Carrying tanks, fuel, supplies
And vomiting thousands of Soldiers
From all over the world
Who would die in Normandy
At the dawn of the Longest Day
While screaming ‘Liberty for ever’.
Through my tears I see
Southwick House
And I hear the complaints
Of Those who made the hard decision
To go in spite of poor weather conditions.
Your hope is also in field hospitals
Which would save so many lives
Wounded by the infamous enemy artillery.
Amidst the noise of the battle
Was raised the voice of the Sweetheart of the Forces
Promising to meet again
Some sunny day … perhaps in Berlin
In ruins and defeated!
O thee, my Land of Hope and Glory,
When will I be allowed
To fly over the rainbow,
To take you in my arms
And dress your wounds?
I am looking forward to honouring
Your brave Soldiers
And doing my Duty of Remembrance
To the Fallen.
O, my dear Land of Hope and Glory.

Written on 10/03/21 Mireille Picron a friend of the Veterans and of The Spirit of Normandy Trust whose written language is usually in French

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