VE Day Poster Competition Results

We can now let you know who the amazing winners are of our VE Day Poster Competition. We had 50 entries across the KS2 & KS3&4 categories. Thank you so much to everyone who entered, the veterans had a tricky time judging winners and we hope that all involved enjoyed learning more about VE Day.

The KS3&4 Winner is Ellie (Poster 1)
Runner up: Mary (Poster 2)

The KS2 Winner is Giles (Poster 3)
Runner up: Alex (Poster 4)

The Trust will also be recognising Kyan’s poster which the Veterans thoroughly enjoyed. (Poster 5)

Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 3
Poster 4
Poster 5

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  1. My dad served in the navy in WW II and returned for the Korean war. He passed on VE day May 8, 2020 at the age of 93. He was very proud to have served his country.

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