Information: Parade and Parking in Arromanches

“TEA TENT: Open throughout the day (exact opening time TBC) Tea tent is as it was in 2014 D-Day 70 – left hand side thru the arch, on the road heading down towards the rear of the Museum.
Events on throughout the Day, including the lone piper at 7.26am

BRITISH PARADE: The main British parade starts earlier this year at 3.30pm. Veterans wishing to march in are invited to start lining up at the tea tent (NOT the Pappagal)at 3.00pm for a 3.15pm March in. Veterans can be pre-seated in the parade ground before hand if they want. Family of veterans who can’t be with them this year can also pre-seat in the Parade ground. Give the name of your Veteran to the Serving Brit Uniformed soldier at the entry point next to the car park barriers and you will be let in. PLEASE give priority to Veterans. Space is limited as there will be up to 400 VETERANS plus another 500 carers in the parade ground by the end of the event. Young people are very welcome. PLEASE do not move seats around – free space MUST be maintained each side and through the middle of the parade ground at all times – 300 Veterans plus 300 carers will be joining the parade half way through the afternoon.

PARKING: There are 2 main VETERAN Parking areas. First and closest is behind the Normandy Hotel. SEE Parking N°1 on the map. Drive your Veteran through the barrier on the road leading down to the rear of the museum, and take the LEFT FORK. There is a NEW parking area (with disabled access and general access) toilet facilities on your right hand side. The second parking is in the field at the bottom of the hill coming in from Bayeux, marked N°4 in the second map. Drive your veteran to the same barrier as above, and you will be let through to drop off your veteran at the Tea Tent. If the “Normandy” parking is full, you will be handed a pass to the second parking in the field, for the driver to go and park up, leaving the veteran in the tea tent with a friend or family member or one of the tea tent staff. The driver can then return from the field parking to access the parade ground using the same pass to show they are with a carer. DO NOT ON ANY ACCOUNT PARK ON THE ROAD – your vehicle WILL be removed – we have 15 tour buses of RBL Veterans arriving and parking in that area.
Other parking in Arromanches – this year we have created almost 10,000 car parking spaces around Arromanches. Parking N°4 is the alternative overflow parking for carers of veterans once the N°1 parking is filled.

Limited coach parking for veterans’ coaches is available either side of the post office, but is only available with prior notice given.
IF YOUR GROUP IS COMING IN A COACH with one or more Veterans on board, YOU MUST TELL US NOW !
(please send an email to .)
WE NEED TO KNOW THE COACH Registration, and the number of veterans on board.
ALSO – your planned arrival time.
Coaches with NO veteran on board will be directed elsewhere – first option being the track opposite the 360° Cinema.
The quickest way of parking and unloading will be to follow the British Uniformed MP’s or Soldiers instruction at the POST OFFICE.
Park up where they tell you, unload and between you, assist the veterans to the parade ground or Tea Tent. Some Wheelchairs will be available if necessary.
PLEASE email to register your Veteran Coach, giving the coach registration Number/Operator, name of organisation/NVA Branch and planned time of arrival. ”

You will find 2 maps of the parking zones in Arromanches that the numbers above refer to attached.

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