The Spirit of Normandy Trust is currently
receiving a very high number of requests
to interview Normandy Veterans, many of which we are still working on to
achieve the best results. The process is lengthy and complicated because of the
GDPR regulations, and takes a great deal of time. The Trust has no employed staff and every
request needs to be actioned by a limited number of volunteer staff. Additionally we have a duty of care to the
veterans to ensure that they are not exhausted by the number of interview that
they are asked to undertake. Therefore, regrettably, we are unable to accept
any new media requests relating to D Day veterans at this time.

1 thought on “MEDIA REQUESTS”

  1. Hi

    I missed the BBC news on Saturday 6th June in relation to looking after the memorials and I am really keen to find out more information as I attend the Ceremonies in France last year and it was amazing and I would to return all of my support for the veterans.

    Please let me know how I apply to do this.

    Many thanks

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