Presentation for Finlay George

On the 18th of August one of our Trustees (Mark Waring) had the honour of presenting Finlay George with a certificate at the D Day Story for his fundraising efforts. You’ll remember from one of our previous posts that Finlay shaved his head to raise money for The Spirit of Normandy Trust. Fortunately there happened to be a veteran visiting the D Day Story museum in the form of Arthur Bailey (49th West Riding and later Parachute Reg.). Arthur kindly presented the certificate after a total of £1050 was raised. Arthur’s presence and thanks made the presentation all the more brilliant. Arthur landed on the 6th June on Gold Beach and took part in the batlle to liberate Caen. After this he transfered to the Parachute regiment and took part in the Amhen campaign.

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  1. Wow Fin… I am so proud of you…. what you are doing is so important..People in general seem to want to forget D day, others do not even know what it is and how the U.K. today would be so different with none of our freedoms existing, no freedom of speech, no freedom of movement..disappearance or horrific prisons of individuals who spoke out. A permit needed if you wanted to travel to the next village. Let alone go to an other country, or have other country people come to visit you.. Of these soldiers, some did live through it, others died yet others, to quote a song…..discovered that there were worse things than death… how can we ignore these brave soldiers, how can we not feel gratitude every day.

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