The original purpose of The Spirit of Normandy Trust is:

Welfare: Welfare for remaining veterans and their dependants, in liaison with SSAFA.

Education for children and the general public about the events leading up to the Normandy Landings and the historical significance of WW2. This includes promoting the annual essay competition, organised in association with the Young Historian Project.

Since the disbanding of the NVA, the trust has adopted additional responsibilities which include:

  • The maintenance of the Normandy Campaign Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum.
  • The ongoing maintenance of the Montgomery Statue at Colleville-Montgomery in Normandy.
  • The ongoing maintenance and attendance to The Spirit of Normandy plot at the Field of remembrance, Westminster Abbey.

You can download a Leaflet  about the trust to give you a summary of our work.

The Spirit of Normandy Trust was founded in 1994 by the late General Peter Martin CBE (former President of the NVA) to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Normandy campaign.

In May of 1994 The Spirit of Normandy Trust was founded by Major General Peter C.Martin,CBE, and General Sir John Mogg, GCB, CBE, DSO*, DL. Sir John Mogg was President of the Trust and General Martin was Chairman. At their invitation a body of Trustees was appointed to administer and carry out the business of the Charity. On the retirement of Sir John, General Martin continued as Chairman until ill health dictated that he took the honorary role of President in March 2005. The office of Chairman is now appointed from the body of Trustees. The Trust promoted a major “Spirit of Normandy” Pageant at the Royal Albert Hall, London, in June 1994.

The Spirit of Normandy Trust, is a registered charity No. 1038121

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The significance of D Day and the Battle for Normandy cannot be overstated. The sheer logistical challenge of amassing troops and equipment in readiness for the invasion, keeping it secret during the process, rehearsing beach landings, sowing false stories to distract the enemy from our true intentions and successfully delivering an invasion force to the coast of Normandy in the largest airborne and seaborne operation in history is staggering. The fact that this was fully achieved has been well documented by writers over the years since 6th June 1944.

Ultimately the victory against an evil and oppressive regime was achieved by what is so often referred to in modern times as “boots on the ground”. In the Battle for Normandy 22,442 people under British command alone never returned home. This was the price for freedom and the peace that we have enjoyed in Europe ever since.

When you look at the scale of D Day and the onward fight through Europe it is easy to forget that victory was delivered by ordinary men and women, called upon to undertake an extra-ordinary task, which they carried out with courage and determination.

Here at the Spirit of Normandy Trust we strive to ensure that every one of the individuals involved in D Day and the Battle for Normandy and their dependents, receive the support they need in their advancing years and that their service, which had such a significant impact on world history, is never forgotten.

Richard Palusinski
Chairman – The Spirit of Normandy Trust