Trust Fundraising dinner on HMS Victory Saturday 20 July

Trust Fundraising dinner on HMS Victory Saturday 20 July – the Guest of Honour Brigadier Darren Crook with Veteran Len Hobbs Leg.d’hon . In the Brigadier’s words…

“An old soldier and an old sailor meet on an old ship: the years may separate them but the shared values, respect, commitment and humour simply bring them together.

Two generations, one belief. This is belonging. This is the everlasting spirit that binds is together”.

Echoes of History

Attached are photographs from the recent ‘Echoes of History’ military show I attended.
The group’Field of Fire’ once again had the collection bucket out for the public to donate some change for the trust.

On both days we held a short act of Remembrance at 4pm. Our Standard was carried by WW2 Renactor and Cadet Megan Geraghty (15) who will be attending the reunion with the other renactor’s.

Spirit of Normandy Trust Reunion receives funding award

We have been very fortunate to have been awarded a grant to help fund the planned veterans reunion in September. The Veterans Foundation has very kindly and generously awarded 7,120.00 towards the cost of staging the reunion, ensuring that Normandy Veterans will not be asked to pay for any part of their weekend in Portsmouth.

Make sure that you have the weekend of 6th to 8th September in your diary. Now that the Normandy commemorations are behind us we will be undertaking detailed planning for the weekend, so watch this space.

Our sincere thanks go to the Veterans Foundation for their generous award.